Stay connected to your business with the FordPass Pro App

Added: 06 March 2020

Keep Connected

Keep your business connected with FordPass Pro. Connect up to 5 connected vehicles to your FordPass Pro app and keep control of your fleet. 

Check Up

The app has the ability to check your fuel and adblue levels as well as tyre pressures.

Issue Alerts

You will be alerted if issues arise with any of your vehicles, then you can deal with them and avoid any surprise costs. 

Keep Track

You’ll also know if your vehicles are where they should be with a tracker. Check in throughout the day or when the day is done. You can rest assured that your van is safe and everything is in the right place with FordPass Pro. 


For extra peace of mind, you can lock your vehicle from wherever you are to ensure everything is secure. And in the cold early mornings, you can even start engine from within the app so your vehicle will be warm and toasty when you get in it. 

This app is great for business owners at all levels, whether you’re a one person business or have a 5 vehicle fleet with several employees. This app is great to ensure your commercial vehicle keeps your business running. 

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