E.G. Lewis Collect the First of their New Fleet of Vehicles

Added: 20 March 2019

Day’s Transit Centre are very pleased to be providing E.G. Lewis Group with a new fleet of vehicles. 

E.G. Lewis are a South Wales company which provide mechanical engineering and industrial services for a range of different clients.  We are proud to have a longstanding relationship with the company and have provided many other vehicles to them throughout the years.

John Hislop, Engineering Manager at E.G. Lewis Group said: “Our good-working relationship with Days Motor Group, has enabled us to replace part of our existing vehicle fleet in which will further enhance our growing brand”.

David Watkins, Director of Commercial Operations said: “On behalf of myself and my fellow Directors, I would like to acknowledge how extremely proud we are at Day’s Motor Group to have such a longstanding business relationship with the E.G. Lewis Group and its associated Companies, Skelton Thomas and Spectra.

“We would like to thank the director’s and senior management team of E.G. Lewis Group for giving us the opportunity of working closely with them and having confidence in the service that we provide and the products that we represent.”

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