In the Spotlight: Ford Transit Connect

Added: 06 February 2017

Buying a new commercial vehicle can be daunting. There are so many options available, it can be difficult to make a decision.

At Day’s Transit Centre, we spend our time helping tradespeople and businesses to find the ideal vehicle to suit their needs. Here, we’ve detailed the Ford Transit Connect’s main features...

Every Transit is built for purpose and Transit Connect is no exception.

Space for Everything

With a choice of long and short wheelbases, the Transit Connect offers outstanding, flexible loadspace. The dual front passenger seat not only lets you seat three in the cabin, but also has an ingenious load-through bulkhead that lets you carry items as long as 3.4m in the long (L2) wheelbase.

Both L1 and L2 wheelbases can hold two Euro-pallets. The dual front seat can also double as a table top for extra workspace or lifts up to reveal even more stowage.

Built to Help You
Advanced technologies can constantly assist you, with some responding automatically so you don’t have to worry about turning on headlights, or switching on wipers.

Alongside this, the optional Lane-Keeping System uses a forward-looking camera to detect if you’re unintentionally drifting out of lane. Lane Keeping Alert then warns you by vibrating the steering wheel and displaying a visual warning. If you're slow to react or don’t respond, Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering torque assistance to help guide you safely back into the right lane. The technology is designed for multi-lane roads (like motorways), so will automatically deactivate at speeds below 43mph (65 km/h) or can be turned off manually.

More Power, Lower Emissions, Cheaper Running Costs

The Transit Connect features a new range of advanced petrol and diesel engines.
Each already meets strict Euro 6 Emissions legislation. A new 1.5 litre TDCi diesel engine offers three power outputs, with improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

You can choose  to use even less fuel with Ford’s Auto Start-Stop option. When your van stops at traffic lights or is idling in a queue, this optional technology can automatically switch off the engine (while still supplying power to essentials like the ventilation, radio and Ford SYNC). When you're ready to move, just depress the clutch and select first gear as usual, and the system restarts. Auto-Start-Stop is particularly effective in town and city streets, where it can cut fuel consumption by up to 10%.

If you’d like to experience these features for yourself, why not take the Transit Connect for a test drive?

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